Unique Awards

Here you will find a collection of unique and one of a kind awards and gifts.

Clock Awards

Clocks are a great idea for a keepsake gift or award. Functional and beautiful, our clocks all come with a plate attached with your special inscription on it.

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Bag Tag Awards

When traveling and loading off their bus, personalized bag tags make it easier for athletes to locate their bags. Bag tags are extremely popular with sports teams and look awesome! Made of a hard, shiny plastic, our bag tags are durable, brightly colored and make a treasured keepsake. We can also make customized luggage tags for travel.

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Dog Tag Necklaces

These are another trendy and fun choice for an award. Any design can be printed onto them to commemorate your event.

Ribbon Awards

As a thoughtful and economical way to award someone, our ribbons have a card attached to the back that can be written on. We can also supply custom designed ribbons upon request.

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Lapel Pins

Lapel Pins are an excellent choice for clubs and organizations that want to recognize their members with a meaningful, commemorative keepsake. Our lapel pins can be custom ordered.

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Decorative Tiles

We can sublimate any text, graphics or photos onto decorative tiles. The Tiles measure 6 square inches and can be used as a stand-alone award or can be attached to a wall. They are a great way for a school to commemorate achievements of graduates. These make a nice, colorful keepsake, that if kept indoors will last a lifetime.

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Desk Wedges

Desk wedges come in a variety of styles. We can engrave black with gold or silver text for a classic and elegant look or we can sublimate in gold, silver or white.

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Pen Award Sets

A useful award, pen sets are a personal way to acknowledge someone’s achievements, retirement, or special occasion.

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The paperweight we offer is 4″ wide, 2.50″ tall and 3/4 inch thick. It is made of marble and we sublimate a gold or silver plate for the top with your inscription on it, making it perfect for a nice, smaller option for recognition.

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Paper Certificates – with or without Frame

If you need to give out certificates, as well as trophies, medals, plaques or ribbons – we can do that too! Send us your details and we can create one for you.

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Custom Gavels

Say thank you to the one in your organization who has been the “gavel holder”. (Club President, Leader etc.) The Gavels come with a custom band that holds your special inscription. We offer a variety of products that include a gavel.

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Rubber Stamps

Rubber stampers add a professional, time-saving touch to any business office. Whether for return addresses, payments received, signatures or whatever you want your stamper to say, we can supply you with just the right one. We  sell TRODAT (formerly Ideal) stampers and “self-inking” is the most popular choice. Most come with black or red ink, but other colors are available. Simple logos may also be added to your stamper design.

With over 30 years in the awards business, we stand behind our products and work hard to meet our customers’ needs and budgets while exceeding their expectations with stunning, high quality custom awards.